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Guide To Patio Building Brisbae

For those living in the Brisbane area, you know that patios are an integral part of life. These outdoor spaces provide shade and protection from the sun during the summer months and a relaxing environment to enjoy with friends and family at any time.

Brisbane is a city with numerous annual events that feature markets, parades and more. Patios are perfect for these kinds of occasions as you can sit outside to enjoy the festivities rather than being stuck inside a crowded venue or restaurant.

If you want to know how Brisbane residents do patio living, look no further! But, if you’re looking for the best patios Brisbane, then this guide is for you!

What is a Patio?

Patios are spaces outside the home. They are usually next to the house, but you can also have them separate. Patios are suitable for entertaining people, relaxing when it is nice out, or growing things in pots. You can even use a patio as a swimming pool if you live near an ocean and fill it with water. They are also suitable for kids to play in when it is nice outside.

Patios can be made out of anything, but most people use cement or wood. However, before you get started with your patio, make sure it will fit the style of your home.

If you have a hard time choosing between brick or wood, ask yourself what would look best on your house? The easiest way to prepare your yard for a patio is by removing any unnecessary plants or trees. This will make it much easier for you when laying the cement.

Why Build a Patio?

There are several reasons to build a patio for your home. One of the most important factors is that it can add value to your house. A patio will increase how much you can sell a property for by up to ten per cent. For example, you could turn a backyard into an outdoor entertainment area with a patio, barbeque pit and seating.

This will make the home more attractive to buyers looking for something that can be used year-round. Another reason is that it allows you to try out new ideas in your landscape without spending too much money on materials or labour costs.

Finally, using pavers, bricks, and other natural stone blocks makes them look very aesthetically pleasing while durable enough for many years of use.

  • Add value and make money when selling a house
  • Beautiful outside area
  • More living space in the house
  • Improve outdoor space
  • Create new living spaces (outside)

Different Types of Patios

Types of Patios

There are many different types of patios, some of which fit better with certain terrains and landscapes.

A few types of patios are:

  • Stone patio
  • Concrete patio
  • Shade Patio
  • Frame Patio (wooden)
  • Composite Decking.

It’s essential to understand which is better for your situation before you begin building.

The following are just some of the factors that you should consider when looking for patios in Brisbane.

  • Price range
  • Style/looks
  • Location (i.e. North, South East or West)
  • The maintenance involved with upkeep and cleaning etc.

Pricing of Patios Brisbane

Patios Brisbane is typically priced depending on the size of the patio you want. Most companies charge per square metre, but some will also provide a flat rate fee for your project, including all materials, labour, and disposal costs.

To give you an idea of how much it would cost, expect to pay $40-$60 per sqm for a standard-sized patio. This is with bricks or pavers in brick or block form and then add another $25+/- if you want it to be coloured in any way such as painting them different colours.

Expensive paving stones can cost up to $90/sqm, but they last longer than other types, so this option usually has better value over time when looked at from that perspective.

What to do Before Building a Patio in Brisbane?

The first step to building a patio is the planning process. It should be noted that you do not have to hire an architect or designer for this task since it can easily be done on your own. However, hiring someone might come in handy if many people are working on the project as they will take care of the technical parts while you focus more on your vision.

So before anything else, write down what exactly would you like to accomplish with the new outdoor area and how much money are you willing to spend?

Two weeks later, after considering all these steps, draw up some draft plans with anyone who will help build them, including family members or friends.

If anyone lives next door (or nearby) to where you live, then make sure to speak with them about the noise levels as well as any other concerns they might have. * The next step is measuring your backyard and making a list of all the materials needed for this project.

Most Common Materials Used For Building Patios

Concrete Patio

Homeowners often choose this option because it is easy to maintain and upgrade. In addition, concrete patios are usually poured in the same fashion as driveways, which means that they require very little maintenance once installed.

If you’re concerned about cracks or damage after installing your concrete patio, don’t worry! These can be repaired quickly with a sealant. This will keep them looking brand new for years to come without having to tear up the patio again.

Flagstone Patio

This type of patio has become increasingly popular due to its durability and variety in design styles available on the market today. Flagstones are so appealing that they can withstand harsh weather conditions while retaining their colour vibrancy throughout seasons.

Stone Patio

Another popular type of patio is stone. This is usually the most expensive option, but it will be worth your money if you’re looking for a long-lasting choice that won’t peel or crack over time as other types might do. Stone patios can last upwards of 20 years, and they come in various colours and styles to suit every taste!

Decomposed Granite Patio

This one has become increasingly popular due to its affordability compared with some other choices on the market today. Decomposed granite (DG) also makes for an excellent surface because it’s nonporous, so water doesn’t stand on top as much, which means less maintenance overall after installation.

Paver Patio

Another popular type is the paver patio. Pavers are slabs of poured concrete that have been designed to look like bricks, stone, or other natural materials. They’re versatile and come in a wide variety of different styles so that you can find the perfect option for your yard!

Wood Patio

Lastly, wood patios are another affordable option if you don’t mind doing some maintenance here and there over time. Wood won’t hold up and other options out on the market today, but it will be fine for everyday use with family members who aren’t too hard on surfaces around your home.

Things To Consider When Hiring Professional Services To Build A Patio

Professional Patio Builders

A few things to look for before hiring professional services to build a patio are:

  • Do they have a good reputation?
  • Are their charges reasonable and competitive?
  • What is the range of services offered by them?
  • Ensure you get a quote from at least three different companies

There are several ways to find out the work quality of any company; one way is by checking online reviews and testimonials. If possible, hire someone referred to you by an acquaintance or family member as that is always more reliable than just taking their word for it.

It will be easier if you can ask around with people in your neighbourhood too since most times there’s someone who had their patio built recently and may recommend services which they were satisfied with.

Is a license required in Building a Patio?

Building a patio is not permitted in Brisbane without having all the necessary licenses. If you will build your patio, it must be done according to local building codes and with professional supervision from an authorised person or company that has been trained by Queensland Building Services (QBS). Follow this link to know if your builder has been fully certified.

A license can easily be obtained through QBS for small jobs like patios. They offer free services, but they charge reasonable fees based on the problems encountered during construction if there are complications.


What is a good size deck for entertaining Australia?

A good size deck for entertaining Australia should be around 100 square meters. This would allow ample space to entertain guests and possibly dine alfresco as well.

What is the difference between patio and alfresco?

A patio is an outdoor living space, usually made of brick or stone. An alfresco is the same thing but outside your home.

What type of paving do I use?

When it comes to choosing paving for your Patio or Walkway, one of the most popular choices is pavers because they are so versatile in what colours & styles there are available & affordable compared with natural stone.


With the right company, you can have any type of patio or decking built to suit your needs. First, you will need to spend by using the calculator provided on each site. Next, consider where you want your new outdoor space. Do you like it near a pool? Near trees?

Decide whether or not privacy walls would be beneficial, as well as outdoor lighting and the type of paving you would like.

Once you have decided your budget, time frame and what will fit into that space, then start contacting companies to come out and survey the area. If you would like a free quote don’t hesitate to contact us and talk to an expert.